The people who make theatre at Epic mean the most to us. Whether it’s our rock-star stage managers, to the talented people you see on stage (and screen), no one has a small role.

Because of this, we’ve taken the time to list every single person we’ve worked with on this page. We’re constantly updating, so check back often, and know that we’re always looking for artists to work with. You might see your name on this list.

These are the brilliant people we’ve worked with.

We love you all.

Jackie Aguirre
Carlos Gutierrez-Allard
Beth Alianiello
Jordan Ilyssa Angelo
Laura Ash
Paige Barry
Eric Behr
Alvaro Beltran
Clare Blackmer
Aaron Blanck
Tammy Brown
Lauren Busteed
Jimmy Calitri
Jack Clarke
Vivienne Carrette
Theodore Clement
Lynne Collinson
Chris Conte
Taylor K. Corbett
Carolyn Coughlin
Audrey Crawley
Allison Crews
Chirstopher Crider-Plonka
Nick D’Amico
Cassie DeAlmo
David DeAlmo
Kerstyn Desjardin
Gian Raffaele DiCostanzo
Angelique Dina
Cherylee Sousa Dumas
Paula Faber
Joanne Fayan
Matthew Fraza
Nora Garron
Samantha Gaus
Tray Gearing-Conte
Dalita Getzoyan
Kerry Giorgi
Paula Glen
Jimmy Green
Erika Fay Greenwood
Krystal Hall
Kelly McCabe
Wendall McMillan House
Caitlin Howle
Ian Hudgins

Alexis Ingram
Tylar Jahumpa
Jill D. Jones
Sonya Joyner
Jason Karol
Patrick Keeffe
Jacob King
Brian Kozak
Anastasia LaFrance
Rico J. Lanni
Geoff Leatham
David Ledoux
Ryan Leverone
Ronald Lewis
Emma Locke
Hannah Lum
Gunnar Manchester
Destinee Mangum
Michelle Smith Mania
Ricci Mann
Rebecca Maxfield
Cassidy McCartan
Jess McDonell
John McElroy
Becky Minard
Daria-Lyric Montaquila
Rebecca Mooney
Ashley Moore
Matthew Moos
Jeffrey Ouellette
Kimberly Paine
Mary Paolino
Maggie Papa
Elizabeth Parent
Juli Parker
Carson Pavao
Jomo Peters
Vince Petronio
Jennifer Pierel
Korey Pimental
Justin Pimentel
Eric Pjojian
Lauren Katherine Pothier
Kathleen Povar
Adam Preston
Michael Puppi

Jason Quinn
Sarah Quintiliani
Betsy Rinaldi
Steph Rodger
Pat Rounds
Rudy Rudacious
Megan Ruggiero
Emma Sacchetti
Gabriella Sanchez
Lee Rush Schwartz
Carol Schlink
Michael Shallcross
Terry Shea
Derek Smith
Jordan Daniel Smith
Alexander Sprague
Court Stafford
Melanie Stone
Kevin Thibault
Stephanie Traversa
Christopher Verleger
Jay Walker
Michelle L. Walker
Katie Westgate
Geoff White
Bradly Widener
Nancy Winokoor

Italics denotes a current staff member.