To all of our donors, past, present, and future, Epic thanks you for your support! Your contributions are vital to our programming efforts, developing our artist base, and proliferating our mission and values within the community.

Considering making a donation but want to know more about what your contribution could do for Epic?

$10.00 – Do you love Savers? So do we! We’ll buy a key prop that is sure to catch the eye and move the plot along!

$25.00 – Help us keep our website up and running. It’s a vital promotional tool for our company and programming efforts. 

$50.00 – Sometimes we search outside our own closets for just the right costume piece. This amount often covers the rental fee and drycleaning. 

$100.00 – We can probably build a set for this. Trust us. We’re crafty. 

$250.00 – The more we grow our donation pool, the more we’ll be able to give back to our artists, who are the lifeblood of what we do. Consider this an artist stipend or two. 

$500.00 – Epic stages 6-12 mainstage productions a year, but we love filling our off weekends with special projects and pop-up events, too. This is all the budget we’d need to make one of those happen.

$1,000.00 – Production rights are kind of a big deal. This would knock them out for an entire mainstage show, and then some, in many cases. 

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all donations made to Epic Theatre Company (EIN: 83-1545357) are tax deductible. We do provide donation receipts. If you wish to make a donation by cash or check, please or check, please contact our Executive Director, Megan Ruggiero ( for instructions.

All amounts in between are also welcome. No donation is too small.  For a recurring monthly donation that gains you additional access to behind-the-scenes content, please click here.